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What is MoneyPoints™?
MoneyPoints™ is reward system of RNB Panels wherein you get paid in form of Money Points for each research survey your participate. These MoneyPoints™ get credited into your account and you can redeem them with rewards as available in the rewards gallery.
How do I earn MoneyPoints™?
You can earn MoneyPoints™ in the following three ways: 1) Signing up to be a member (200 MoneyPoints™) 2) Referring a friend (50 MoneyPoints™ per completed registration) 3) By subscribing to profile subscriptions (50 MoneyPoints™ per profile subscribed) 4) By subscribing to Specialty Panels (you can earn as high as 1000 MoneyPoints™ per survey completed) 5) Provide your feedback by completing our online studies in your profile in a timely manner on a continuous basis (number of MoneyPoints™ varies depending on the study).
How do I redeem my MoneyPoints™?
You can redeem your MoneyPoints™ by selecting one of the reward offers from our reward gallery. To view the list of rewards , simply log-in to your member account and click on the redeem MoneyPoints™ at the left panel. Please review the terms and conditions of each reward you wish to redeem. Your account balance will be verified then debited, and your reward will be on its way. While several Reward coupons and certificates are fulfilled electronically, others will be shipped through mail. If so, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
How soon can I start redeeming my MoneyPoints™?
You can redeem your MoneyPoints™ as soon as you have accumulated enough to qualify towards a reward of your choice from the reward gallery with a minimum one survey activity is required to claim your first reward.
Do my MoneyPoints™ expire?
Can I transfer or sell my MoneyPoints™ to another individual or combine MoneyPoints™ from different accounts to reach higher reward levels?
Your MoneyPoints™ will not be transferred, bartered, sold or combined with any other account.
Do rewards get updated?
We try to get you the latest and best available offers. The reward gallery gets updated from time to time.
How will I get update on rewards?
You may register for newsletter on rewards to receive the latest updates. Alternatively, you may also view the same in the rewards gallery available once you login to your account
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