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What is RNB Panels?
RNB Panels constitutes of groups of people who have agreed to participate in studies which we conduct on behalf of various national / international companies, government agencies, television, newspapers & magazines. Our panel consists of a diverse cross-section of people residing in different parts of world and includes bureaucrats, doctors, engineers, teachers, housewives, businessmen, accountants, technicians, students, politicians and many more...
Who is RNB Panels?
RNB Panels is a leading online research specialist and a member of RNB Research. We work with reputed research agencies and manufacturers to assist in their understanding of customers by gaining the views of real people like you.
What are the benefits of membership?
As a panel member, not only you will have a real impact on the development of the products and services of some of the biggest- manufacturers and retailers but you can also become a part of the decision making process for social & economic issues taken by various government agencies. Your participation will not only be compensated generously, but it could also give you the chance to see prototype products, advertisements or concepts before even they hit the street. The kind of honorarium will always be communicated by email. The nature of the honorarium is subject to change.
How can I join RNB Panels?
Joining RNB Panels involve very simple steps. It takes 1-2 minutes of your time to complete the online registration form to become a member. Membership is FREE. For details read the Getting Started page.
Who is eligible to join RNB Panels?
RNB Panels is open to anyone over the age of 18 years who has a valid email address. However, our youth panel is open to the age of 14 years and above.
How much does it cost?
Joining RNB Panels is absolutely FREE. There are NO COSTS involved to become a member and participate in the online studies. In fact, we reward you for your time and participation when you respond to our email(s) and/ or login to your profile to complete the available studies.
How does RNB Panels work?
When you register with RNB Panels, you have the opportunity to be invited to research surveys. To maximize your chances of receiving surveys relevant to you, there are questionnaires in your profile (Profile Subscriptions), which are not rewarded, but which help us to send you the right kind of surveys. The more profiles you subscribe (complete) the more surveys you will get. There may be a delay of up to a few days while our servers process your profile questionnaires. This process allows us to start sending you right surveys. These surveys will be sent to you via an email invitation, with a link within it. By clicking that link, you will be taken to the survey, where you can fill in your responses. These surveys are usually paid between 100 - 1000 MoneyPoints™, although sometimes we will send you short surveys which help us to get to know you better, and are, as such, unpaid. However, they allow us to keep updating your profile so that we can keep sending you relevant surveys. Paid surveys will not appear on the website (they get emailed to you), but a record of your rewards will be available in your RNB Panels login account, once you have completed paid surveys. You can redeem your MoneyPoints™ with the rewards available in the rewards gallery.  
I am a Physician, Nurse, HR Professional, IT Decision Maker, Leisure traveler how I can join Specialty Panels?
Login to your account and click on Specialty Panels on left side menu. You will find the list of available specialty panels and you may select them as per your choice and fill the information as required and press submit button. You will receive a confirmation email on verification of your data.
Is there a minimum period of membership?
No. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can unsubscribe anytime.
What will happen to my outstanding credit when I unsubscribe?
Unfortunately you cannot claim that amount until your credit reaches the required amount to order a voucher. If you wish to re-subscribe, this amount will be restored to your account.
Can I unsubscribe RNB Panels later?
Of course. You are never under any obligation to participate in surveys and we will never disclose your information. If you would still like to leave RNB Panels, just login your account and unsubscribe from there.
Can I rejoin once unsubscribed?
Yes. You can reactivate your account at any point of time. Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to reactivate your account for you.
What companies does RNB Panels work with?
We work with many of the top global companies. By sharing your opinion, you could have a direct impact on an international brand and improve it for the better.
Can I refer a friend or a family member to the Panel?
Yes, you can refer a friend or family member to the program through your member portal. For each qualified referral you provide, you will earn 50 MoneyPoints™.
Is there a limitation to how many people I can refer?
There is no limitation of referrals; however the same should be legitimate for MoneyPoints™ to be credited to your account. Profile of each member runs through our quality checks and if qualified, he/she would be registered as member and therein he/she would start enjoying our membership privileges.
Do I have to participate every time I am invited to take a study?
We encourage you to take a study whenever you receive an invitation. We value each panel Members opinion. Choosing not to participate in a survey will not affect your membership.
How long do these studies take to complete?
Our studies take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes. We try to keep them to a maximum of 15 to 20 Minutes.


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